Although 70% IPA is a readily available disinfectant, it does have its limitations in comparison to a formulated solution such as AHP® . Alcohols are known to readily evaporate, making it difficult to achieve the required surface contact time, often making it ineffective. The lack of detergency capabilities of alcohols makes them insufficient cleaners. In addition, they are also inactivated in the presence of organic matter and are known to be highly flammable and volatile.
In comparison, SHYIELD™ contains the patented AHP® technology which is a formulation of hydrogen peroxide, surfactants and other inert ingredients, which results in a stabilized and a dramatically more effective disinfectant and cleaner. Not only does AHP® reach its contact time without the need for additional reapplication steps, it has a HMIS rating of 0/0/0 at in-use dilution and contains ingredients listed on the EPA/Health Canada Inert list of Generally Regarded as Safe list (GRAS).